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Meet The Team: About


Miss Leah studied dance since the age of 4 and carried on her passion all the way through school to GCSE. 

Leah then ventured on to study at the Birmingham Ormiston Academy and worked closely with professionals from the dance industry.

After her studies at BOA, Leah had university on the cards and qualified with a BA HONS in Dance.


Leah has been involved with many dance companies across the West Midlands and has experienced many competition style events. Leah has gained a-lot of knowledge from being a member in many dance performance companies and building up her teacher knowledge working with different schools in and out the area. 


Leah is a qualified dance teacher, being a member and professionally trained with the IDTA, UKA, AA, AF, BCQ exam board associations.

IDC is a certified studio with Acrobatic Arts, Acro tricks, Alixa Flexibility and is an ACROPAD CENTRE!

IDC opened in 2017 and now holds over 170 students running Tuesday-Friday

Leah holds a 100% pass rate for all students taking examinations and for professional examinations for future teachers

Head Coach 

Contemporary & Lyrical



Head of  age 10+  Ballet, Tap, Pointe and Turns, Leaps & Kicks

IDC Competition Team

St Chads Primary After School Club


Head of Group  2, 3 and 4 Acrobatics

Westfield Primary AfterSchool Club


Head of age 5+  Ballet, Jazz and Tap 

Head of age 10+ Jazz and Musical Theatre

Head of age 5+ Street

Head of age 11+ Street

IDC Competition Team


Musical Theatre, Ballet, Turns Leaps & Kicks - Assistant Teacher


Acrobatics Assistant Teacher

Student Assistant Teachers

Bethany- Age 3-10 Ballet & Jazz, Cheer Group 1 & Acrobatics Group 1/ 2

Alyssia- Age 3-10 Ballet & Jazz

Amber- Acrobatics Group 1/2

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